Mankind has experienced a strange situation, still unimaginable a year ago: We had to remain confined. For This is my place ART, this situation offers the opportunity to dream of a better tomorrow, we are full of ideas and desire for change. Art and culture are essential to all societies and, paradoxically, we have always observed that certain visual and plastic artists experience difficulties in the exercise of their profession.

As philosopher Bruno Latour writes in his article:“If everything is stopped, everything can be called into question.” Inspired by Bruno Latour, we believe that today is the perfect time to try to change the situation.

Our objective

Help artists gain visibility using collective intelligence tools and artificial intelligence.

Our values

We believe in collective strength as creative energy.
We strive to connect with others in order to create new synergies.

Who are we?

At This is my place ART, we are volunteers. We provide social interactions in the art industry. We then analyze this data and make this data accessible in order to generate new possibilities. Learn more →

TRISTAN - Community manager
BEA - Data Analyste
MARIE - Community manager
DESSI - Data Analyste
SARAH - Community manager
AXEL - Data Analyste
ARTHUR - Community manager
LAURA - Dev web et assistante stratégique
ISABEL - Head of project

The project processes

We want to generate dialogue, ideation, analysis and sharing between the different actors of the art market and society. These exchanges will be at local, national and international level, via collective intelligence and Design Thinking.

This methodology is a human-centered approach to innovation. It is a comprehensive design method or process, centered on the user (or human), with a view to achieving innovative services or products.

  • Identify the needs and aspirations of actors in the art market and society around different themes.
  • Identify opportunities and areas that will improve.
  • Generate innovative ideas with identified areas for improvement.
  • Bring data to life by analyzing it.
  • Leave a trace of information transparency.